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Since 1993 we provide free publicity for a very wide range of clients. We know like no other how to bring festivals, concerts, theatre productions such as plays, vocal acts, musicals and/or people to the attention of the media. On the one hand by working with an up-to-date media network, on the other hand by continuously working on (personal) relations with journalists. And by painting a realistic picture to our clients, because not all news gets indiscriminately taken over by the press.

We’ll gladly articulate your news in a press release. Moreover, we’ll find the most relevant media for you and send the press release to representatives of that media.


We don’t lean back after a press release has been sent out. We achieve more by means of an active role. By approaching journalists directly, either by phone or during gatherings, there is a greater chance your message will stand out and your organization will receive attention as a result.

We’ve been functioning as a first contact point for the media for over twenty years now, both in the service of an employer and for freelance clients. And we’ve grown wise in the process, both in good and bad times, among others working for national sports channel Sport7, a terrific learning experience, in spite of or precisely because of the bankruptcy.


Our various clients have been and frequently are the focus of fervid media attention, sometimes intentionally, at other moments not altogether voluntarily. Examples are Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions, V&V Entertainment of Roel Vente and Albert Verlinde, and Amsterdam Dance Event.


In these cases we take care of the spokesmanship, among other things.  Committed, yet with professional distance. Looking out for the interests of the client, but facilitating to the press as well.

We accompany journalists both at home and abroad, for instance when they attend a premiere or special performance. We provide them with adequate information and arrange the appropriate circumstances for them to work in.


Besides that we regularly organize press trips, where we invite journalists to attend a production or festival abroad.

We often bring our clients in contact with the appropriate media and thereby generate attention, both in the form of free publicity and paid attention. We’re not a marketing specialist, however, although we do frequently form the basis of an efficient marketing action. For example, reader sweepstakes in combination with editorial articles, prize draws around radio and television interviews, or discounts and product plus actions.


We also play an advisory role in the purchase of commercials and the deployment of advertorials or other paid media.

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