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Tim and Manille Boersma form the creative basis of Built For Comfort Communications (BFCC). Since the foundation we have proven to be excellent partners in the field of free publicity, communication consultancy and implementation, representation and marketing.


The strength of BFCC is based on more than 25 years of practical experience, initially in the service of an employer, but since 1996 on an independent footing. More than a hundred clients have thus far availed themselves of BFCC’s services. From consultancy regarding internal and external communication up to the writing and sending out of press releases.


​BFCC works both on a project and hourly basis. You can receive a quotation according to the anticipated amount of work or have the hours of work invoiced afterwards. Also the approach differs per assignment. We take our departure from the client’s wishes and strive to meet them as best we can.  We are unable to offer guarantees, as opposed to where it comes to purchasing advertising space,  because we are partly dependent on the cooperation of the journalistic establishment. But our name and our network more or less guarantee an optimal media interest.

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